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Perfect bath time rituals

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

A perfect bath time ritual is so important and one of life's greatest pleasures. It was the ancient Greeks who first built public baths but it was the Romans who made the bathhouse the centre of their social lives - the bath was a large part of communal life in the Roman Empire and the buildings they created for the purpose were architectural marvels. A bath should not only provide a haven for your daily ablutions , they should also be visually beautiful and hey, if it's your thing, then communal too ;)

Firstly, you need to prep! You can't just jump straight into these things. I always start with a shower, some people find this a little odd but seriously, who wants to sit in dirty water for an hour? Plus a good scrub in the shower allows all the lovely bath salts and oils to absorb. I am also a huge fan of dry body brushing, this is The Nirvana to silky smooth skin.

Next is the preparation of the bath, you need scents, salts, oils and bubbles, lots of bubbles - some pretty dried flowers perhaps or a bath bomb, get creative! Temperature is also important, any hotter than your body temperature and you are stripping your skin of natural oils.

You will find some special products at The Gart from ishga. This organic range from the Hebridian Isle of Lewis is a hit with guests at The Gart and transforms our luxurious bathrooms into your own personal spa.

"ishga was born from a passion for beauty, science and seaweed. A team of individuals from the Isle of Lewis, Malcolm a Scientist, Joanna his wife, a Beauty Therapist and Martin a seaweed expert, set out to create a results driven organic skincare range, which harnesses the natural anti-oxidants, healing and anti-ageing properties provided by the purest Scottish seaweed. Malcolm created the Hebridean Seaweed Extract, this extract is the cornerstone of ishga. Used throughout the retail and professional range, the mineral-rich extract is blended with organic ingredients and essential oils to create each individual skincare product."

Once the bath is ready and the smell of lavender is in the air you need to create the perfect atmosphere. There is something hypnotic about relaxing in warm water by candlelight. Add some chilled music and a glass of something cold with a good book, nights dont get better than this! Unless you have company, then make it a bottle ;)

When you start to get wrinkly sadly that's a sign that bath time is over. Reach for the marine rich body cream by ishga and your pampering session is complete.

Creating the perfect bath is an art form, come join us at The Gart and dive right in.

Much love


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