"The Story So Far"

"The Story So Far" oil on canvas 2012

Did you know all the bedrooms @thegartcallander are named after the @stuartmcalpinemiller art work featured within the room? These wonderfully titled and highly revered contemporary paintings really couldn't be more fitting (alas only prints in the house, he keeps selling them dammit!) With titles such as 'Brought to her Knees', 'I Dream a Dream' and 'Disciples of Pose", I could be accused of being a philistine when I say he had our bedrooms in mind when painting them 🤣 I feel so lucky to have a house filled with these wonderfully descriptive and painstakingly meticulous art works. If you are not already aware of Stuart's work, follow him now @stuartmcalpinemiller 🖤

"Disciples of Pose" oil on canvas 2016

The emperor master suite is aptly named "The Story So Far". They say a picture is worth a thousand words but I always appreciate knowing who is behind the picture. So, here is a bit about us.. We purchased The Gart in 2016 and fell in love on sight. Like meeting your partner, it hits you like a ton of bricks 😋 It was never our intention to create a business, this was always meant to be our home. So I hope you can forgive some of our eccentricities, The Gart is merely an outward expression of our creative impulses. After a turbulent too long stint in London we were both in desperate need of a different kinda wild - green open spaces and remote hills. Where better than Stuart's homeland 💚 Luckily, I adore Scotland - the honesty of the people and rugged undulating landscape. It feels like time travelling, you can walk for days on end without seeing another soul. It's impossible not to fall in love with the wild and unspoilt beauty of it all. We are both creative souls and always open to an adventure so taking on a project like The Gart wasn't too daunting (on reflection, it should have been!) Stuart is the more obvious creative with his amazing art and ability as a painter, his tenacity to succeed has always inspired me ❤ We met in a noisy bar in North London and.. well too much to share on here but something obviously worked as 10 years on and we are still creating.. Sometimes trouble, but at least life is never boring.

"I Dream a Dream" oil on canvas 2012

The Gart was always meant to be our home, a place to go wild and unchecked with our ideas and a platform to showcase Stuart's wonderful art. Two years on and we have achieved the latter, if not the former. It is now time for us to move on to another project so we leave this magical place for you to all enjoy ❤

Although I am still here to help plan your adventures, so don't hold back💃 and please share your stay - we want to know the house is being enjoyed! Much love Nikki & Stuart

"Brought to her Knees" oil on canvas 2014

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